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As a non-profit, Unity Gospel Choir is traveling the world to spread the light of Christ through uplifting Gospel Music!


What is the Unity Gospel Choir?

Unity Gospel Choir is a traveling performance group whose main purpose is to bring souls unto Christ. The choir consists of about 40 members focused on this one purpose. The gospel music they sing is heartfelt, bringing audiences to their feet, clapping, stomping and swaying to the "joyful noise."

Unity Gospel Choir performs at church meetings, community functions and other social events. They will be performing nationally and internationally, spreading Christ's love.

Our History

The choir was formerly the Genesis Choir from the Genesis Group of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Word spread about the choir and we received a flood of performing requests from around the United States. However, the Genesis Choir was not permitted to travel great distances or to raise money to meet the requests. In 2016, the Genesis Choir was released and was given the mandate to continue the work. The choir was named Debra Bonner Unity Gospel Choir and was given a donation to assure a good beginning.

Meet Debra Bonner

Debra Bonner found school difficult until her best friend introduced her to Jesus Christ at the age of thirteen. Debra embraced her worship services and learned to read by singing from the ‚Ä©hymnal. Her life totally changed as her mind expanded in knowledge and understanding through the Spirit. Her pastor, Avery Aldridge, choir director, James Peoples, and the Foss Avenue Baptist Church family in Flint, MI loved and nurtured Debra. They paid for her voice lessons until she graduated from high school - with honors.

After graduating from the University of Michigan with a Master's Degree in Vocal Performance, Debra married her sweetheart, Harry. Three months later they served a Baptist mission in Liberia, West Africa for nearly two years. Prompted to return to the States, Debra became an inner-city high school choir director for nearly two years, continuing to change lives for good. She then moved west where she became close associates of two of the most celebrated vocal pedagogues of the 20th Century: Richard Miller and Seth Riggs.

Debra, along with her associates and students, had trained well over one hundred Grammy, Tony and Opera winners. Debra has sung as a guest soloist, and recorded, with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. She has also been featured on various gospel, jazz and classical recordings. Debra has performed around the world and has developed her own vocal technique, DebraTone.

Debra is a testament to the positive power that singing can have on youth and how a life can change with positive mentorship and a little financial support. Her dream is to transform young people's lives to give them hope, joy and self-esteem by helping them find their authentic voice while singing songs of inspiration. "I believe that the Lord sent you to me to teach this method."

Watch this musical tribute from Debra's children:

Our Vision

To transform a new generation of leaders, entrepreneurs, educators, inventors and professionals who will be encouraged to dream and acquire the tools they need to reach their highest potential through music and singing.

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Fund More Music

Donations help us continue to perform, arrange, sing, and record new songs that inspire a new generation and can bring souls closer to the Savior.

Transform Lives

Many of our choir members’ lives have totally transformed by singing this wonderful music with the choir. Our music affects the lives of the thousands who hear us sing. Everywhere we go, the reaction and response to our music is tremendous. People have “woken up.” The audience is on their feet, hands clapping, praising the Savior with a passion and excitement.

Share Joy

We would like to share the joy of gospel music with the world as we sing and build other Unity Gospel Choirs.

It costs $250,000-$500,000 to organize and run concerts, music arrangements, production, recordings, publicity, administration, uniforms, travel, etc.

Unity Gospel Choir Changes Lives


“This choir has been such a blessing and has literally saved my life. Before I joined the choir I was in a suicidal state and decided life wasn’t worth living. I prayed and asked Heavenly Father to help me because I had given up. I found the choir and this music has healed me. Life is worth living and I have so much support and love around me. My testimony has grown tremendously and I am happy to say that I’ve decided to serve a full-time mission.”

“My daughter had been struggling emotionally, she was even suicidal. We prayed alot to find something that could help bring her comfort and peace. Singing gospel music did just that! Being a part of the Debra Bonner Unity Gospel Choir has us closer together as mother and daughter, and has strengthened both of our testimonies in Jesus Christ. We both have been transformed and uplifted through our associations and experiences with the choir.”